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The Love and Respect Conference

* Because your husband will see more clearly your need to feel loved.
* Because your wife will see more clearly your need for respect.
* Because your wife will realize you are not trying to be unloving. 
* Because your husband will realize you are not trying to be disrespectful. 
* Because your spouse will see your good will.
* Because you will understand why you each negatively react.
* Because you will motivate your spouse in the one way that works best.
* Because you will learn how to deal with an unresponsive spouse. 
* Because Sarah, my wife, will teach you how to show love and respect in practical ways.


Now Available via Online Videos 

Our six hour presentation has helped marriages and relationships all over the world and can now help you. For the very first time, you can watch these videos online, 24/7 access, from your mobile device or computer.

Watch what you want! 
Watch when you want! 
Watch where you want! 

To receive the proven insights from this conference, you'd pay a counselor $600 for six hours of counseling. For the cost of a car battery you can invest in your marriage right now.

We are thrilled to make this available like never before. If none of the benefits come to you, I will return 100% of your money. 

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